Z Heart Ranch

About This Project

Architect:  Hobbs & Black

Builder:   Wilson Construction

Landscaper:   Hailey Nursery

This property, once part of an early Ketchum ranch and agricultural lands, highlights its historical roots by centering attention on a 100 year old barn. The barn was renovated into a modern living and entertaining masterpiece.  Above all else the landscape had to stay true to the agrarian theme which meant keeping it simple and not overdone. A covered terrace opens out to a large, elevated event space created with a simple stone wall. This large lawn is perfect for a large party tent when hosting special events.  A rustic built fireplace anchors one end and provides a cozy gathering space to reminisce about a busy Sun Valley day. At the other end sits a granite covered bar and custom barbecue grill for hosting large events. Around the corner and off the kitchen is an outdoor sink for caterer’s use.  The view to the iconic mountains north of town was maintained and accentuated by the addition of large stone steps.  The stream that passes through the property actually goes through one of the cabins where it was used to keep fresh milk chilled.  A new horse barn was added to the compound. Eggers Associates designed modern horse paddocks with reinforced surfaces that the horses cannot dig thorough and custom metal fencing they can’t eat.   Even the bridge was designed simply in the fashion of the original yet was engineered to support a semi-truck of wine deliveries.  Landscape lighting throughout provides a subtle ambiance in both summer and winter.  The restored property has been a huge success and hosted many local events including wine auction dinners and other fund raisers.