Timberview Terrace

About This Project

Architect:  Jim McLaughlin

Builder:  Dembergh Construction

Landscaper:   All Seasons Landscaping

Dramatic views and a contemporary home design grab the attention at this amazing property. An intensive study of the views and sun positions was undertaken to get the house placement perfect. To maximize views the house is elevated and the garage placed underneath.  A contemporary custom water feature was designed for the valley facing patio, creating a pleasant pool while eliminating highway noise. The minimalistic, linear approach to the planting design is complimentary to the architecture and maximizes the views.  Due to its location close to the forest, “firewise” design was incorporated and tested when the Beaver Creek fire, a large scale forest fire, endangered the property. There is a “water wise” lawn as well, designed for low water use and drip irrigation targets plants with only what water is needed.