About This Project

Knox Barclay

Dembergh Construction

Webb Landscaping

This home site was a blank slate but creating a settled-in landscape from an empty field was a challenge.  The log home was designed to fit into the local aesthetic and appear as if it had sat in this meadow for many years.  The landscape was challenged to reinforce that idea.  Large native trees were transplanted from the nearby forest.  To strengthen the historic feel, the home is all one level and set low to the ground which was actually a challenge to effectively grade out for proper drainage. The property has surface water rights that allowed us to develop a stream and some ponds which are both pleasurable to see but also draw the view to the surrounding mountains and valleys.  A sunken patio with a stone fireplace and partial overhead structure give the appearance of the original homestead cabin but really provides a family gathering spot to share a feast at the end of the day.  A barn houses the owner’s car and motorcycle collection as well as a small guest quarters.  The authentic design and large trees space nicely around it make the large building feel at home.  It would have been easy to overdo it on this project but everyone agrees that just the right cord was struck to make it appear that it is in fact and old homestead site.