Rainbow Bend

About This Project

Candice Miller

Dembergh Construction

Nichols Landscapes

A simple but rustic design aesthetic was brought to this property, in both the architecture and the landscape, to blend organically with the surrounding native aspen forest.  The details of the landscaping purposefully avoid attention but rather fit in, appearing as if they have always been there and one would expect to find there naturally.  A gravel driveway, natural stone steps and patios, and tall native grasses accentuate the relaxed feel of this retreat.  The natural looking water feature is aesthetically pleasing both as one approaches the house and also from inside.  In addition, it offers a gentle waterfall and creek noise that cover the sound of a nearby highway.   The pond provides a great spot to recline and read a book, sip morning coffee or evening wine.  Landscape lighting creates a soft glow to visually set off the landscape as well as extend the use into the evening.