Our Lady of the Snows Church

About This Project

Jim McLaughlin – McLaughlin and Associates

Wilson Construction

Whitehead Landscaping

The now iconic church has such an impressive architectural design on the exterior, that it is easy to overlook the understanding of the architect that the congregation mostly appreciates the building from the inside.  With that in mind, a strong landscape design was created to accentuate the magnificent views from within.   Buffering the surrounding parking yet allowing the views to Baldy and the surrounding hills was the big challenge.  To accomplish this Eggers Associates used more than fifty flowering trees laid out in a descending box shape.  Additionally, the use of color and form provides visual interest throughout the year, no matter the season.  Below street level is a sunken terraced garden area that was designed to accommodate multiple uses ranging from children’s activates to wedding receptions and other community events.  Adequate, yet subtle, lighting was another important element.  Having a strong landscape design that reflects the architecture at street level and at the same time relates to the inside views, and the lower level was a challenge that by all measures has been meet.