Heart Rock Ranch

About This Project

Steve Cook (main house)
Gretchen Wagner (guest house and barn)

Kavanagh Construction

Webb Landscape

This home is part of a 2,000 acre restoration project of a century old ranch.  In determining the ideal site for the new house, Eggers Associates had to take into consideration the restoration efforts, wetland and riparian areas, views both on and off the ranch, wind, ground water, and habitat protection.   The home needed to be elevated so designing the surrounding landscape to blend and connect the home to the property required extensive grading and planning.  The relationship, circulation, and visual effect between the main house, guest house, and barn was also an important design consideration. Wind in the area can be severe and the design includes appropriate plantings that will withstand and thrive, in order to provide interest and shade.  The ranch is home to large animals including deer, elk, and moose: thus, consideration in choosing plant material had to be given to wildlife grazing, selecting plants that would not harm the animals nor attract them to feed.  The owners are tickled with the overall success as evidenced by how well the home blends into what has now become a bit of a wildlife preserve.