Gimlet Remodel

About This Project

Builder:  Conrad Brothers

Landscaper:   Webb Landscape

This home was built over 20 years ago as a vacation retreat. Since then, the owners have relocated to the Wood River Valley full time.  They realized the existing back yard and patios were dreadfully inadequate and Eggers Associates was called in to reimagine the space. We designed several outdoor rooms and the elevation of the main patio was raised to match the inside living room thus eliminating an awkward set of steps.  Access was cut through an existing wall so that a separate dining area could be conveniently located to the kitchen and BBQ.  Off to the side, a sunken patio contains an old iron bowl for a fire pit.  Large boulders were placed throughout new flower beds for visual interest and a relaxed feel.  An existing sunken patio near the river was revived with new retaining walls, steps, the addition of a pergola and lighting.  New trees provide shade while allowing views to the river and Baldy. The effect pulls you out of the house to sit and enjoy the unbelievable setting.